I am trying to do well in my current job while also finding a new job that is more personally motivating and meaningful. However I’m having a hard time giving proper time and space to the search for a new job. How can I better manage this?

To better manage your current job while searching for a new job that aligns more with your personal motivations and meaning, it is essential to establish boundaries and prioritize self-care, as suggested by Ed Batista in the provided excerpts.

Establish Boundaries: According to Batista, the concept of "balance" may not be as helpful as establishing "boundaries." Boundaries allow you to keep different aspects of your life in their proper place, preventing one from overtaking the other. In practice, this means setting:

  • Temporal Boundaries: Designate certain times exclusively for your job search. This could mean setting aside specific hours in the evening or on weekends when you focus solely on looking for new opportunities. The key is to maintain a functional boundary around this time, even if it's limited.
  • Physical Boundaries: Create a physical separation from your current work when engaging in your job search. This could involve a dedicated space at home where you research and apply for new positions, ensuring that this activity is distinct from your current job responsibilities.
  • Cognitive Boundaries: Develop the ability to switch your focus from your current job to your job search. This may involve practices like meditation to help control where you direct your attention, thereby enabling you to concentrate on your job search during the designated times without being distracted by your current work obligations.

Engage in Consistent Self-Care: Self-care practices such as meditation, regular exercise, and good sleep hygiene help lay a solid foundation for managing your time and energy effectively. By taking care of yourself, you'll be in a better position to handle the stresses of your current job while dedicating effort to your job search.

Prioritize Important Activities: Distinguish between important and urgent activities. Important activities, like your job search, are meaningful and fulfilling, and they can often be scheduled according to your priorities. Urgent activities are time-sensitive and may not align with your personal goals. By reserving time proactively for your job search, you can ensure it receives the attention it deserves without being overshadowed by the urgent but less meaningful tasks of your current job.

Redefine Your Role: Assess your current responsibilities and identify tasks that may no longer be personally fulfilling or value-generating. Consider whether there are aspects of your current job that can be delegated or streamlined to free up more time and mental energy for your job search.

Seek Validation Elsewhere: In your current job, if you're not receiving the recognition you desire, it's important to find validation outside of work. This could come from peers, mentors, or professional networks where you can discuss your aspirations and progress in your job search.

Slow Down: Reflect on what might be causing you to feel rushed or pressured. By slowing down, you might find it easier to manage your current job while allocating sufficient resources to your job search.

In summary, by setting boundaries to compartmentalize your job search from your current work, engaging in self-care to maintain your energy and focus, prioritizing important activities, and seeking validation and support from others, you can better manage the dual tasks of excelling in your current role and finding a new job that is more personally motivating and meaningful.